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I need something special... will you build it for me?

We will build whatever we can with off-the-shelf components. 6" dia pipes are not a problem nor are taller filters, dual filters, etc. Heck... we'll even add satellite radio if that's what you want. If there is a large enough potential quantity involved we can have custom tooling made or go through a certification process if that's what it takes. Just contact us & we'll do our best to take care of you.

Where can I purchase SweetStack

There are several ways to purchase SweetStack. The most common method is directly from the Secure Order Form which requires a credit card. You may also order by mail. Simply send a check for the full amount (include $16.00 for packing/shipping) of whatever product/options you want.
Send check to:
183 Bay Shore Drive
Plymouth, MA 02360 (top)

I use one of those Septic Tank Treatment Systems.  Why is 'SweetStack' better?

Those liquid treatment systems rely on too many variables... variables you can't control. Essentially, they're designed to optimize anaerobic bacterial levels (bacteria that break down solid waste) in a 'fixed' system... one with a known size and known inflow rate.  This may work well in a laboratory setting, but you have no control over when and how many people take showers or flush the toilet or do the laundry. These are variables, any one of which you can't control, that effect the viability of Septic Tank Treatment Systems.
SweetStack, on the other hand, doesn't rely on any specific ph, flow, etc. It simply treats the waste gas that's generated from any septic system prior to releasing this gas into the atmosphere. (top)

Can I change the Activated Carbon Filter myself?

Yes... We wouldn't design a device that you just throw away!
Simply lift off the 'Rain Cap", pull out the old filter (gloves recommended), slip in the new one, and replace the cap.  It should take about a minute (less with a power screwdriver). The all-weather cap requires a phillips-head screwdriver. (top)

How often should I change the filter?

Generally, a 2 - 3 bedroom house with 2 baths, laundry, etc. will require a new filter about every 5 years or so. Chemicals like bleach and/or other water treatment compounds will degrade expected filter life by as much as 20%. (top)

What size filter should I get?

SweetStack is manufactured in the 3 most popular (Schedule 40) diameters. Schedule 40 pipe is designated by it’s Inside Diameter (ID) dimension and has a wall thickness of about 0.25” in the larger diameters (3” & 4”). Therefore, a 4" SweetStack will fit any pipe with an O.D. of about 4.5", a 3" SweetStack will fit any pipe with an O.D. of 3.5", and a 2" SweetStack will fit any pipe with an O.D. of 2.375". We also sell an adapter that retrofits a 1.5" (1.875" OD) pipe/stack to a 2" Sweetstack filter (you can also get this adapter at any building supply warehouse).
So... if you don't know the diameter by just looking, you'll have to measure the outside diameter of your vent stack and match it with one of the available models. The beauty of this design is that overall filtering capacity is not diminished for smaller stack diameters. The activated carbon filter is been adjusted to maintain typical lifetimes regardless of vent stack diameter. And... they're all just as easy to install as can be: just slip the device over your vent pipe and caulk around the bottom edge (of the filter). Installs in minutes and enhances your entire family’s life for years to come. What other product can make that claim? Once installed, plan a cookout to celebrate the fresh, clean air you're now breathing.! (top)

Can I return the device?

Sure... If you don't want it, we don't want you to have it.  Just return the unit in satisfactory condition (within 90 days or so) to the mailing address on the label and slip in a note telling us why you're returning it.  Your credit card will be credited for the full amount (minus shipping). We also require a telephone number or email address in case we have questions. (top)

How do I install SweetStack?

SweetStack is shipped with the activated carbon filter enclosed in a plastic bag.   This is so that the carbon won't "leak" through the fine mesh nylon holder.   The activated carbon filter must be removed from the plastic bag prior to installation.
Remove cap, remove the filter from the plastic bag.   Put the filter back into the filter chamber and discard the plastic bag.

Permanent installation:

Install SweetStack on top of the vent stack and caulk around the base of unit for permanent installation.

Semi-permanent installation:

Apply heavy grease to the inside collar of the unit and mount it over the vent stack. Semi-permanent installations are often used when working on the roof (re-roofing, etc.). Semi-permanent installation is, generally, used by trades people (roofers, plumbers, etc.).   Grease helps to seal the unit to the stack yet makes it easy to remove. (top)
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